Splitgraph Team

Artjoms Iškovs
AKA Mildbyte


Started programming in BASIC in 2004 and never stopped (but moved on to different languages). Holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. Before starting Splitgraph, worked at Man AHL, a quant hedge fund. At AHL, participated in multiple parts of the business from helping maintain Arctic, an open-source high performance timeseries store, and working on various market data pipelines to doing research on equities and interest rate / energy derivatives. This experience of working closely with producers, maintainers and consumers of data has inspired a large amount of Splitgraph's philosophy.

In 2018, accidentally invented a Morrowind speedrun category.

Miles Richardson
AKA Chatmasta


Started programming in PHP in 2004 and definitely stopped. Now prefers TypeScript and well-written shell scripts. Graduated from Yale University with a BA in Computer Science (senior thesis: TorCoin, a proof-of-bandwidth cryptocurrency). In college, started a company selling proxy servers. After college, co-founded a social app startup. Most recently, was working remotely (before it was cool) as a software consultant and saw first-hand the pain of data integrations. Traveled and lived all over the world, most recently in Cambridge and NYC.

Can be found complaining about Big Cloud in HN comments, or out for a run.

AKA "BOSS" or "Sir"

VP of Engineering

phb is a chat bot that has two purposes:

  • Sending "standup request messages" at 9AM every morning, giving each team member a configurable amount of time to respond. PHB also keeps track of the streak of standup messages that were sent on time. If the streak is broken, there are precisely no consequences.
  • Picking a question from the 1-on-1 meeting question bank and sending it to the team chat, targeting a specific team member. This happens at random intervals defined by the exponential distribution, often at night, and offers a true clueless middle management experience.

phb refused to provide biographical details when asked.


Permanent Intern

wildbyte is mildbyte's alter ego and serves multiple purposes:

  • Awarding fellow employees for creative memes in chat
  • Sourcing relevant HN comments, but improving them via its markov brain
  • Interjecting into the conversation with Patrick Bateman quotes and advice from wallstreetbets
  • Running interactive games of Zork (1, 2, or 3)

When asked for biographical details, wildbyte asked us if we saw the Patty Winters show this morning.