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Alameda County GSA Motor Vehicle Fleet

Alameda County GSA Motor Vehicle Fleet

This data represents 2009-2012 Alameda County motor pool vehicles which are checked out by County employees to conduct routine business.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
EQUIPMENT No.equipment_numberequipment_numberNumberUnique vehicle identification number
END METERend_meterend_meterNumberMileage at the end of the calendar year
BEGIN METERbegin_meterbegin_meterNumberMileage at beginning of calendar year
MOTORPOOL YEARmotorpool_yearmotorpool_yearNumberMoterpool data year
CPMfuel_cpmfuel_cpmNumberCost per meter
MPGmpgmpgNumberMiles per gallon
TOT COSTtot_costtot_costNumberTotal Cost of Fuel
QTYqtyqtyNumberGallons of gas
EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTIONequipment_descriptionequipment_descriptionTextYear and Model of vehicle
USAGEusageusageNumberCalculation of begin meter minus end meter