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Assessor's Office Secured Tax Roll 2014/2015

Assessor's Office Secured Tax Roll 2014/2015

Assessor's Office Secured Roll for 2014/2015.

Secured Roll file with ownership names redacted: Assessed property values for the Alameda County residential and commercial properties as of March 8, 2015.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TRA Primarytra_primarytra_primaryTextTax Rate Area number as set by the SBE. Generally the primary number indicates the City or unincorporated area. Auditor's office uses for tax allocation.
CLCA Impsclca_impsclca_impsNumberParcel Williamson Act improvement allocation.
LandlandlandNumberParcel land assessment allocation.
Econ Unitecon_unitecon_unitTextIndicates parcel typically sells with another parcel due to TRA split or companion business use like a retail store and an adjacent parking lot.
TRA Secondarytra_secondarytra_secondaryTextTax Rate Area as set by the SBE. Used by Auditor to allocate taxes. Secondary number is used to differentiate between tax areas.
CKDIGITckdigitckdigitNumberData used by Post Office.
WSEQwseqwseqNumberData used by Post Office
FixturesfixturesfixturesNumberParcel Fixture assessment.
BPPbppbppNumberParcel Business Personal Property assessment.
OTEXotexotexNumberOther Exemption. Examples are welfare/charity, church, hospital, veteran and private schools.
Situs Unitsitus_unitsitus_unitNumberParcel location unit number if available.
SourcesourcesourceTextSource of the last mailing address change. Deed, Owner, Assessor, Correspondence, Tax Collector, New owner or PCOR.
Sort Parcelsort_parcelsort_parcelTextAssessor parcel number stored as a 13 character field for easy sorting
Situs Zipsitus_zipsitus_zipNumberParcel location primary zip code.
Latest Document Input Datelatest_document_input_datelatest_document_input_dateCalendar date
Mailing Address Streetmailing_address_streetmailing_address_streetText
Mailing Address Zip + 4mailing_address_zip_4mailing_address_zip_4Number
Situs Zip + 4situs_zip_4situs_zip_4NumberParcel location zip code suffix.
Situs Street Namesitus_street_namesitus_street_nameTextParcel location street, usually main frontage road of parcel.
Mailing Address Unitmailing_address_unitmailing_address_unitNumber
Mailing Address City Statemailing_address_city_statemailing_address_city_stateText
CLCA Landclca_landclca_landNumberParcel Williamson Act land assessment allocation.
ImpsimpsimpsNumberParcel improvement assessment allocation.
Mailing Address Zipmailing_address_zipmailing_address_zipNumber
Mailing Address Effective Datemailing_address_effective_datemailing_address_effective_dateCalendar date
Delete Datedelete_datedelete_dateCalendar dateDate the parcel became inactive.
Situs Citysitus_citysitus_cityTextParcel location City as defined by TRA, not mailing address.
Latest Document Prefixlatest_document_prefixlatest_document_prefixTextPrefix of last document filed on the parcel. Not necessarily a reappraisable event like a sale. TRAN indicates an unrecorded event such as a death date. ASSR means the value is an allocation from a split or combination of parcels.
Print Parcelprint_parcelprint_parcelTextAssessor parcel number stored in short hand form for ease of input
Latest Document Datelatest_document_datelatest_document_dateCalendar dateEvent Date of last document filed on the parcel.
Latest Document Serieslatest_document_serieslatest_document_seriesNumberSeries of last document filed on the parcel.
Situs Street Numbersitus_street_numbersitus_street_numberNumberParcel location address number if available.
Use Codeuse_codeuse_codeTextProperty use type. See Use Code list.
HOEXhoexhoexNumberHomeowner's Exemption
Total Net Valuetotal_net_valuetotal_net_valueNumber
HPPhpphppNumberParcel Household Personal Property assessment. Usually rental property furnishings like and apartment unit's refrigerator.