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SSA CPS Report And Removals 2013

Child Protective Services Report And Removals for 2013. This file shows by city and zipcode the number of child abuse reports received by Alameda County Social Services Agency, and how many children were removed from their homes and place into foster care in calendar year 2013. Rates per 1,000 children who live in the zipcode are also included.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Foster Care Entrieschildren_with_entrieschildren_with_entriesNumberNumber of children that SSA took into foster care as a result of abuse or neglect
ZIP Codezip_code_in_alamedazip_code_in_alamedaNumber
Allegation Rateincidence_per_1_000_children_allegationsincidence_per_1_000_children_allegationsNumberCalculated rate of abuse/neglect reports per 1,000 children in the zipcode
Foster Care Entry Rateincidence_per_1_000_children_entriesincidence_per_1_000_children_entriesNumberCalculated rate of children taken into foster care per 1,000 children in the zipcode
Allegations Receivedchildren_with_allegationschildren_with_allegationsNumberNumber of children reported to SSA as abused or neglected
Child Populationchild_populationchild_populationNumberNumber of children residing within the zipcode
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