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2014 Racial Profiling Dataset Citations

This Racial Profiling dataset provides the raw data needed to identify trends in traffic stops. It is used to help identify potential improvements in department policy, tactics, and training. This data is used to produce the annual Racial Profiling report, posted on APD's website here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
CASE PARTY SEXcase_party_sexcase_party_sexText
MSEARCH Y/Nmsearch_y_nmsearch_y_nText
OFF TIMEoff_timeoff_timeText
MSEARCH TYPEmsearch_typemsearch_typeNumber
VL STREET NAMEvl_street_namevl_street_nameText
REASON FOR STOPreason_for_stopreason_for_stopNumber
MSEARCH FOUNDmsearch_foundmsearch_foundNumber
OFF FROM DATEoff_from_dateoff_from_dateCalendar date
RACE KNOWNrace_knownrace_knownText
RACE-ORIGIN CODErace_origin_coderace_origin_codeText
CITATION NUMBERcitation_numbercitation_numberNumber
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