2016: ECAD Commercial Reported Data

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2016: ECAD Commercial Reported Data

This report is the result of the Austin City Code 6-7’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance approved in November 2008 (amended in April 2011) to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings that receive electricity from Austin Energy. The ordinance meets one of the goals of the Austin Climate Protection Plan, which is to offset 900 megawatts of peak energy demand by 2024. This report contains information on commercial facilities that have reported the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager benchmarking results in 2016 () to the City of Austin, as well as the calculated electric Energy Utilization Index (EUI). For information on ECAD exemptions and other requirements, see Austin City Code Chapter 6-7. Note – () Data reported by Commercial Customers


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Facility Categoryfacility_categoryfacility_categoryText
Portfolio Manager Energy Star Scoreportfolio_manager_energy_star_scoreportfolio_manager_energy_star_scoreNumber
TCAD and WCAD Property ID(s)tcad_and_wcad_property_id_stcad_and_wcad_property_id_sText
Facility Addressfacility_addressfacility_addressText
Building Namebuilding_namebuilding_nameText
Calculated EUI (kWh/sqft)calculated_eui_kwh_sqftcalculated_eui_kwh_sqftNumber
Portfolio Manager Facility Categoryportfolio_manager_facility_categoryportfolio_manager_facility_categoryText
Portfolio Manger Site EUI (kBTU/sqft)portfolio_manger_site_eui_kbtu_sqftportfolio_manger_site_eui_kbtu_sqftNumber

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