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2018 Annual Crime

This Annual Crime dataset provides the raw data needed to identify trends in citywide crime. This guide corresponds to the Annual Crime data posted on the city data portal here:

Note: The official crime counts used to produce the Annual Crime and Traffic report are available only as aggregate counts and use the FBI's counting method (i.e., victims, premises). The data contained in this dataset counts incidents instead; it approximates the aggregate counts, but will vary slightly.


  1. The data provided are for informational use only and may differ from official APD crime data.

  2. APD’s crime database is continuously updated, so reports run at different times may produce different results. Care should be taken when comparing against other reports as different data collection methods and different data sources may have been used.

  3. The Austin Police Department does not assume any liability for any decision made or action taken or not taken by the recipient in reliance upon any information or data provided.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Clearance Dateclearance_dateclearance_dateText
GO Y Coordinatego_y_coordinatego_y_coordinateNumber
GO Locationgo_locationgo_locationText
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtNumber
Crime Typecrime_typecrime_typeText
Clearance Statusclearance_statusclearance_statusText
GO X Coordinatego_x_coordinatego_x_coordinateNumber
GO Highest Offense Descgo_highest_offense_descgo_highest_offense_descText
GO Districtgo_districtgo_districtText
GO Report Datego_report_datego_report_dateText
GO Primary Key (Year plus Incident Number)go_primary_key_year_plusgo_primary_key_year_plusNumber
GO Census Tractgo_census_tractgo_census_tractNumber
GO Location Zipgo_location_zipgo_location_zipNumber
  • 2018_annual_crime
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