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2019 Multifamily ECAD

ECAD Multifamily Audit and EUI Data as of November 13, 2019

This report is the result of the Austin City Code 6-7's Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance approved in November 2008 (amended in April 2011) to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings that receive electricity from Austin Energy. The ordinance meets one of the goals of the Austin Climate Protection Plan, which is to offset 1200 megawatts of Peak Energy by 2025.

The Audit results are averages of the energy efficiency measures evaluated on site during the audit.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Apt Metersapt_metersapt_metersNumberNumber of Apartment Meters
ECAD Recommended Duct Leakageecad_recommended_duct_leakageecad_recommended_duct_leakageNumber
Average_Monthly_Costaverage_monthly_costaverage_monthly_costNumberAverage Electrical Usage Cost
ECAD R Valueecad_r_valueecad_r_valueNumberR-values of attic insulation
Yearly kWhyearly_kwhyearly_kwhNumberAnnual kWh
ECAD Total sqftecad_total_sqftecad_total_sqftNumberTotal Square feet
Window Typewindow_typewindow_typeText
ECAD Number of Buildingsecad_number_of_buildingsecad_number_of_buildingsNumberBuildings within the community
Property ID #property_idproperty_idTextTCAD or WCAD Property Tax ID's
Average Monthly kWhaverage_monthly_kwhaverage_monthly_kwhNumberAverage monthly electrical usage
ECAD Year Builtecad_year_builtecad_year_builtTextYear the community was built
ECAD Audit Dateecad_audit_dateecad_audit_dateCalendar dateDate the Audit was recieved
ECAD Percent Duct Leakageecad_percent_duct_leakageecad_percent_duct_leakageNumber
ECAD Exemption or Rebate Dateecad_exemption_dateecad_exemption_dateCalendar dateDate in which last know work that may have exempted a property from the Ordinance or date of last know improvements that would have changed Audit results.
ECAD Utilitiesecad_utilitiesecad_utilitiesTextUtilities received by the property
Average Apt Sizeaverage_apt_sizeaverage_apt_sizeNumberAverage apartment size
ECAD Auditor Companyecad_auditor_companyecad_auditor_companyTextCompany who conducted the audit
Property Nameproperty_nameproperty_nameTextThe last know name that the community goes by.
Heat Typeheat_typeheat_typeText
ECAD Number of Floorsecad_number_of_floorsecad_number_of_floorsNumber
Zip Codezip_codezip_codeTextZip Code
Full Street Addressfull_street_addressfull_street_addressTextLocation
Yearly EUIyearly_euiyearly_euiNumberEnergy Intensity Score (kWh/SF)
Property Management Company Nameproperty_management_companyproperty_management_companyTextLast know Property Management Company for the property
ECAD Rentable sqftecad_rentable_sqftecad_rentable_sqftNumber
Apartment Counttotal_number_of_apartmentstotal_number_of_apartmentsNumberNumber of Apartments
ECAD Screensecad_screensecad_screensText
Roof Typeroof_typeroof_typeText
ECAD Total Aptsecad_total_aptsecad_total_aptsNumberTotal Apartments
Current ECAD Statuscurrent_ecad_statuscurrent_ecad_statusTextCurrent Compliance status
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