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ARR Employee Commute Reduction Program

ARR Employee Commute Reduction Program

In April, 2015, City Manager Marc Ott implemented the Employee Commute Reduction Program by directing all City of Austin departments to reduce employee commuting during peak periods by 20 percent. This can be accomplished by teleworking, working alternative hours, working condensed schedules, and reducing single occupancy trips during peak hours. By collecting baseline data regarding employees' schedules and commute habits, it was determined that nearly 74% of ARR's possible on peak commutes were already reduced by travelling off peak periods, using alternative schedules, teleworking, or by utilizing alternative transportation. Austin Resource Recovery wanted to do even more and responded to the City Manager's initiative by implementing alternative work schedules for its administrative employees and encouraging reduction of single occupancy trips by utilizing public transportation, carpooling, and the vanpool program.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Trips Saved by alternative scheduletrips_saved_by_alternative_scheduletrips_saved_by_alternative_scheduleNumber
Trips taken by Biketrips_taken_by_biketrips_taken_by_bikeNumber
Data Collection Datesdata_collection_datesdata_collection_datesText
Trips taken by Bustrips_taken_by_bustrips_taken_by_busNumber
On Peak AMon_peak_amon_peak_amNumber
Percent Reductionpercent_reductionpercent_reductionNumber
Total On Peak trips Reducedtotal_on_peak_trips_reducedtotal_on_peak_trips_reducedNumber
Trips taken by Walkingtrips_taken_by_walkingtrips_taken_by_walkingNumber
Trips taken by Vanpooltrips_taken_by_vanpooltrips_taken_by_vanpoolNumber
Off Peak AMoff_peak_amoff_peak_amNumber
Off Peak PMoff_peak_pmoff_peak_pmNumber
Trips taken by Traintrips_taken_by_traintrips_taken_by_trainNumber
Trips saved by Teleworktrips_saved_by_teleworktrips_saved_by_teleworkNumber
Total Employeestotal_employeestotal_employeesNumber
Trips taken by Carpooltrips_taken_by_carpooltrips_taken_by_carpoolNumber
On Peak PMon_peak_pmon_peak_pmNumber
Trips Saved by alternative transportation/Teleworktrips_saved_by_alternative_transportation_teleworktrips_saved_by_alternative_transportation_teleworkNumber
Total Commutestotal_commutestotal_commutesNumber
Possible Commutespossible_commutespossible_commutesNumber

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