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Audit Recommendations

This table contains data on audit recommendations from audit reports issued between October 2014 through August 2021. Each recommendation has been associated with a City Council priority area and assigned a follow-up priority level. Additionally, the status of the recommendation upon follow-up is included.

Note - The Office of the City Auditor occasionally issues confidential audit reports. These reports contain sensitive information that is not publicly posted. Recommendations associated with confidential audit reports are not included in this table.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date Report Issueddate_report_issueddate_report_issuedCalendar dateThe month and year the audit report was issued.
Fiscal YearfyfyTextThe City of Austin's fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30.
StatusstatusstatusTextStatus as reported upon follow-up by Office of the City Auditor staff. A follow-up audit is an audit designed to test the efforts departments have made to address previously issued audit recommendations. During a follow-up audit, we may interview personnel, review documentation, and conduct inspections to determine if risks noted in prior audits have been effectively addressed. Follow-up audits are usually shorter and more focused than other performance audits, and the results of these audits are summarized and typically presented to the Audit and Finance Committee twice per year.
Council Strategic Outcomecouncil_strategic_outcomecouncil_strategic_outcomeTextAssociated Council strategic outcome as assigned by the Office of the City Auditor.
NotenotenoteTextExplains why recommendation is no longer applicable if status is listed as no longer applicable.
Report Titlereport_titlereport_titleTextThe title of the audit report that included the recommendation.
Follow-Up Priorityfollow_up_priorityfollow_up_priorityTextFollow-up priority is determined by the Office of the City Auditor according to the following definitions: High (H) priority: Critical Citywide issue, priority, or initiative; recommendation poses immediate safety risk. Medium (M) priority: Issue, priority, or initiative is important but affects only one or few departments; recommendation does not pose immediate safety risk. Low (L) priority: Issue, priority, or initiative is moderately important but only affects one or few departments; recommendation does not pose a safety risk.
Link to Reportlink_to_reportlink_to_reportURLURL link to published report
DepartmentdeptdeptTextThe department to whom the recommendation is addressed. In some cases, the department has been renamed or combined with other departments since the original report was issued.
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