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Austin MetroBike Trips

Austin MetroBike Trips

This dataset contains trip data from the Austin MetroBike bicycle sharing program.

You may also be interested in the MetroBike kiosk location data, available here:

More information about Austin MetroBike is available here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Trip Duration Minutestrip_duration_minutestrip_duration_minutesNumberThe total number of minutes that the bicycle was checked out.
Return Kiosk IDreturn_kiosk_idreturn_kiosk_idTextThe ID of the Kiosk that was used to return the bicycle.
Membership Typemembership_typemembership_typeTextThe membership type of the MetroBike user. More info at :
Checkout Kioskcheckout_kioskcheckout_kioskTextThe location of the checkout Kiosk based on its nearby cross streets.
MonthmonthmonthTextThe calendar month on which the trip began
Checkout Timecheckout_timecheckout_timeTextThe time the bike was checked out for the trip.
Return Kioskreturn_kioskreturn_kioskTextThe location of the Kiosk to return the bicycle. Based on the location's the nearby cross-streets.
Checkout Datecheckout_datecheckout_dateCalendar dateThe date the bike was checked out from the kiosk.
YearyearyearNumberThe year in which the trip began
Checkout Kiosk IDcheckout_kiosk_idcheckout_kiosk_idTextThe Kiosk ID of the Kiosk that was used to checkout the bicycle.
Bike Typebike_typebike_typeTextThe type of bicycle used for the trip
Bicycle IDbicycle_idbicycle_idTextThe MetroBike's ID that was rented during the trip
Trip IDtrip_idtrip_idNumberThe MetroBike trip's unique ID.

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