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Austin MetroBike Trips

This dataset contains trip data from the Austin MetroBike bicycle sharing program.

You may also be interested in the MetroBike kiosk location data, available here:

More information about Austin MetroBike is available here:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Trip Duration Minutestrip_duration_minutestrip_duration_minutesNumberThe total number of minutes that the bicycle was checked out.
Checkout Kioskcheckout_kioskcheckout_kioskTextThe location of the checkout Kiosk based on its nearby cross streets.
Checkout Kiosk IDcheckout_kiosk_idcheckout_kiosk_idTextThe Kiosk ID of the Kiosk that was used to checkout the bicycle.
Checkout Timecheckout_timecheckout_timeTextThe time the bike was checked out for the trip.
Checkout Datecheckout_datecheckout_dateCalendar dateThe date the bike was checked out from the kiosk.
Bicycle IDbicycle_idbicycle_idTextThe MetroBike's ID that was rented during the trip
Membership Typemembership_typemembership_typeTextThe membership type of the MetroBike user. More info at :
Trip IDtrip_idtrip_idNumberThe MetroBike trip's unique ID.
MonthmonthmonthTextThe calendar month on which the trip began
Return Kioskreturn_kioskreturn_kioskTextThe location of the Kiosk to return the bicycle. Based on the location's the nearby cross-streets.
Return Kiosk IDreturn_kiosk_idreturn_kiosk_idTextThe ID of the Kiosk that was used to return the bicycle.
Bike Typebike_typebike_typeTextThe type of bicycle used for the trip
YearyearyearNumberThe year in which the trip began
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