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Austin Resource Recovery Telework Pilot

During the City's Employee Commute Reduction Program, Austin Resource Recovery partnered with the non-profit Movability Austin to create a Mobility Plan for the department in order to further reduce on peak commutes and emissions caused by single occupancy vehicles. One major strategy to achieve this goal was to implement a telework pilot. ARR developed a telework policy and provided training to all participating employees and their managers. The telework pilot ran from February 8, 2016, to May 6, 2016. During this time, measures were taken regarding employees' schedules and commute habits as well as miles driven and estimated MPG of their cars in order to calculate emissions. Surveys were also taken to gauge employee satisfaction and productivity associated with teleworking. After reviewing the data and results from the pilot, ARR Director Bob Gedert approved the telework pilot to make it an official departmental program in July, 2016.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Data Collection Datesdata_collection_datesdata_collection_datesText
Number of Employeesnumber_of_employeesnumber_of_employeesNumber
Miles travelled to and from Workmiles_travelled_to_and_from_workmiles_travelled_to_and_from_workNumber
Weekly Emissions (grams of CO2)weekly_emissions_grams_of_co2weekly_emissions_grams_of_co2Number
Drive-Alone Miles Avoideddrive_alone_miles_avoideddrive_alone_miles_avoidedNumber
Emissions saved (pounds of CO2)emissions_saved_pounds_of_co2emissions_saved_pounds_of_co2Number
Est. Weekly Savingsest_weekly_savingsest_weekly_savingsNumber
Total Possible Commutestotal_possible_commutestotal_possible_commutesNumber
Off Peak AM Tripsoff_peak_am_tripsoff_peak_am_tripsNumber
Off Peak PM Tripsoff_peak_pm_tripsoff_peak_pm_tripsNumber
On Peak AM Tripson_peak_am_tripson_peak_am_tripsNumber
On Peak PM Tripson_peak_pm_tripson_peak_pm_tripsNumber
Trips by alternative transportationtrips_by_alternative_transportationtrips_by_alternative_transportationNumber
Trips saved by Alternative Schedule/ Teleworktrips_saved_by_alternative_schedule_teleworktrips_saved_by_alternative_schedule_teleworkNumber
Total On Peak Trips Reducedtotal_on_peak_trips_reducedtotal_on_peak_trips_reducedNumber
Percent Reduction of On Peak commutespercent_reduction_of_on_peak_commutespercent_reduction_of_on_peak_commutesNumber
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