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Austin Transportation Department Visitor Log For Ordinance No. 20160922-005

City Code §4-8-8(C) now requires departments to obtain written disclosure of specific information when engaging in face-to-face, scheduled meetings with visitors who meet specific criteria. This is the visitor log for visitors who meet that criteria at the City of Austin Transportation Department's office locations at:

  • 3701 Lake Austin Blvd ("LCRA")

  • 1501 Toomey Rd. ("Toomey Rd")

  • 1111 Rio Grande St. ("Rio Grande")

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Zip Codevisitor_address_zipvisitor_address_zipText
Last Namevisitor_name_lastvisitor_name_lastText
Auto Signoutauto_checkoutauto_checkoutTextAll visitors who have not signed out by 11:45pm are signed out automatically. This field indicates if the visitor was signed out automatically.
Check In Timecheck_in_timecheck_in_timeDate
Check Out Timecheck_out_timecheck_out_timeDate
Street Addressvisitor_address_streetvisitor_address_streetText
Visitor Orgvisitor_orgvisitor_orgText
First Namevisitor_name_firstvisitor_name_firstText
Government Employeegovernment_employeegovernment_employeeText
Municipal Questionmunicipal_questionmunicipal_questionText
Expect Compensationexpect_compensationexpect_compensationText
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