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Campaign Finance - Committee Purpose

If a political committee has supported, opposed, or assisted a candidate, officeholder, or ballot measure during the reporting period, this activity will be reported in the Committee Purpose Dataset.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Committee_Purp_IDcommittee_purp_idcommittee_purp_idTextUnique ID based upon the concatenation of the Report_ID and Purpose_ID fields - acts as a unique key for each individual transaction
Purpose_Typepurpose_typepurpose_typeTextIdentifies the purpose/recipient type of the committee activity: a candidate or officeholder, or a ballot measure.
View_Reportlink_to_reportlink_to_reportURLA link to view a pdf version of the report on which the transaction is listed
Office_Soughtoffice_soughtoffice_soughtTextA description of the office sought by a candidate supported, opposed or assisted by the committee.
Election_Dateelection_dateelection_dateCalendar dateThe election date of the ballot measure supported or opposed by the committee.
Purpose_IDpurpose_idpurpose_idTextAn identifier associated with Committee Purposes - when combined with the Report_ID, serves as a unique identifier for each individual transaction.
ReportreportreportTextUnique identifier for the specific report - can be used to link individual transactions to the report on which they appear.
COR_Flagcor_flagcor_flagTextIf the transaction is reported on a Correction Affidavit, the correction flag will contain either NEW, or MODIFY. NEW indicates the transaction is newly reported, MODIFY indicates the transaction is a modification of a previously reported transaction.
RecipientrecipientrecipientTextThe name of the candidate or officeholder supported, opposed, or assisted by the committee during the reporting period, or if the committee assisted a political party the name of the party assisted. If the item opposed or supported was a ballot measure, the ballot ID (if applicable) will be reported in this column.
Measure_Descriptionmeasure_descriptionmeasure_descriptionTextA brief description of the ballot measure supported, opposed or assisted by the committee.
Office_Heldoffice_heldoffice_heldTextA description of the current office held by an officeholder supported, opposed or assisted by the committee.
Committee_Activitycommittee_activitycommittee_activityTextIdentifies the activity of the committee Support indicates the committee supported the candidate or ballot measure during the reporting period. Oppose indicates the committee opposed the candidate or ballot measure during the reporting period. Assist indicates the committee assisted an officeholder or political party during the reporting period.
Filer_Namefiler_namefiler_nameTextName of individual or political committee filing the report. This name is a standardized format used by the Office of the City Clerk to ensure all of a filer's reports are accessible under a single name
  • campaign_finance_committee_purpose
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