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Campaign Finance - Transaction Detail Dataset

This table lists individual transactions as reported on the Texas Ethics Commission C/OH Form. Each row represents an individual filer's transaction, which may be a loan, expenditure, credit, pledge or contribution. For information about each report filed, please visit the Reports Table at:

A data dictionary for this dataset is available at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Personal_Fundspersonal_funds_depositedpersonal_funds_depositedTextWhen marked ’X,‘ indicates that the loan is a deposit of personal funds into an account in which political contributions are held.
Transactor_Nametransactor_nametransactor_nameTextThe transactor's name (for individuals) or the name of the company, political committee, organization, or group (for entities).
EntityentityentityTextIdentifies the transactor as either an entity (such as a company, political committee, organization, or other group) or an individual person
Schedule_Reportedschedule_reportedschedule_reportedTextIdentifies the TEC Schedule or ATX form on which the transaction is listed
Reportreport_idreport_idTextUnique identifier for the specific report - can be used to link individual transactions to a specific report.
Guarantor_Employerguarantor_employerguarantor_employerTextFor loans, the employer of the guarantor, if applicable.
Expense_Descriptionexpense_descriptionexpense_descriptionTextIf the transaction is an expenditure, a category and brief description of the purpose of the expenditure reported.
Reimbursement_Intendedreimbursement_intendedreimbursement_intendedTextIf the filer intends to be reimbursed for this expenditure, this field will be marked ‘Y.’
Transaction_CodetransactiontransactionTextUnique identifier for the individual transaction listed - can be used to link transactions associated with multiple records, e.g. Direct Campaign Expenditures or Out of State Travel
Election_Typeelection_typeelection_typeTextThe type of the election for which this report is filed, if applicable
Transactor_City_State_Ziptransactor_citytransactor_cityTextCity of the individual or entity involved in the transaction.
Maturity_Datematurity_datematurity_dateCalendar dateFor loans, the final maturity date of the loan.
Filer_Namefiler_namefiler_nameTextName of individual, committee or entity filing the report. This name is a standardized format used by the Office of the City Clerk to ensure all of a filer's reports are accessible under a single name
Transaction_Amounttransaction_amounttransaction_amountNumberAmount involved in the transaction. Amounts will be listed as a negative (-) for expenditures.
Date_Fileddate_fileddate_filedCalendar dateDate the structured data file was received by the Office of the City Clerk
Transaction_IDtransaction_idtransaction_idTextUnique ID based upon the concatenation of the Report_ID and Transaction_ID field - acts as a unique key for each individual transaction
View_Reportlink_to_reportlink_to_reportURLA link to view a pdf version of the report on which the transaction is listed
Transactor_Addresstransactor_address_2transactor_address_2TextAddress of the individual or entity involved in the transaction.
Transactor_Occupationtransactor_occupationtransactor_occupationTextThe transactor's occupation (for individuals)
Transaction_Descriptiontransaction_descriptiontransaction_descriptionTextFor credits, expenditures, and contributions, a brief description of the transaction. For in-kind contributions, a description of the contribution or item. For credits, a description of the purpose for which the amount was received. For expenditures, a description of the activity conducted by making the expenditure.
Transactor_Statetransactor_statetransactor_stateTextState of the individual or entity involved in the transaction.
FormformformTextThe type of form filed
Report_Typereport_typereport_typeTextThe primary report type as listed on the form.
Office_Heldoffice_heldoffice_heldTextFor officeholders, the office currently held
GuarantorguarantorguarantorTextFor loans, if there is a guarantor, this field will be marked ‘Y.’ When this is marked ‘N,’ it indicates that there is no guarantor for the loan.
Correction_Flagcor_flagcor_flagTextIf the transaction is reported on a Correction Affidavit, the correction flag will contain either NEW, or MODIFY. NEW indicates the transaction is newly reported, MODIFY indicates the transaction is a modification of a previously reported transaction.
Guarantor_Nameguarantor_nameguarantor_nameTextFor loans, the name of the guarantor, if applicable.
Financial_Institutionlender_institutionlender_institutionTextFor loans, if the lender is a financial institution, this field is marked ‘Y.’ This field is marked ‘N’ for any other type of lender.
Office_Soughtoffice_soughtoffice_soughtTextFor candidates in an upcoming election, the office being sought. For unsuccessful candidates in a recently held election, the office sought during the election preceding the deadline for this report
Date_Duedate_duedate_dueCalendar dateDue date of the report
Guarantor_City_State_Zipguarantor_cityguarantor_cityTextFor loans, the city of the guarantor, if applicable.
Guarantor_Occupationguarantor_occupationguarantor_occupationTextFor loans, the occupation of the guarantor, if applicable.
Guarantor_Addressguarantor_address_2guarantor_address_2TextFor loans, the address of the guarantor, if applicable.
Interest_Rateinterest_rateinterest_rateTextFor loans, the interest rate of the loan.
Political_Obligationpolitical_obligationpolitical_obligationTextFor an unpaid incurred obligation reported on F2, or a credit card expenditure reported on F4, ’Y’ indicates the expenditure was political.
Transaction_Typetransaction_typetransaction_typeTextIdentifies the type of transaction reported: Loan, Expenditure, Credit, Pledge, or Contribution.
Transactor_Zip_Codetransactor_zip_codetransactor_zip_codeTextZip code of the individual or entity involved in the transaction.
Travel_Outside_Texasoutside_traveloutside_travelTextWhen marked ‘X,’ indicates that a transaction is for travel outside the state of Texas.
Returned_to_Filerreturned_to_filerreturned_to_filerTextIf the transaction was a political contribution returned to the filer, this field will be marked ‘Y.’
Amount_Guaranteedamount_guaranteedamount_guaranteedNumberFor loans, the amount guaranteed by the guarantor, if applicable.
Transaction_Datetransaction_datetransaction_dateCalendar dateDate on which the transaction occurred.
Transactor_Employertransactor_employertransactor_employerTextThe transactor's employer (for individuals)
CollateralcollateralcollateralTextFor loans, a description of the collateral, if applicable
Out_Of_State_PACout_of_state_pacout_of_state_pacTextFor contributions, pledges, or loans, if the contributor or lender is an out-of-state political committee (PAC), this field will be marked ‘Y.’
Election_Dateelection_dateelection_dateCalendar dateThe date of the election for which this report is filed, if applicable
Out_of_State_PAC_IDout_of_state_pac_idout_of_state_pac_idTextFor contributions, pledges, or loans, if the contributor or lender is an out-of-state political committee (PAC), the committee's Federal Election Commission (FEC) identification number.
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