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Campaign Finance - Travel Outside of Texas Dataset

Campaign Finance - Travel Outside of Texas Dataset

Contains detailed information for expenditures or an in-kind contributions that were used for travel outside the state of Texas. Data in this sheet corresponds to the information collected on Texas Ethics Commissions's Schedule T.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Arrival_Datearrival_datearrival_dateCalendar dateThe arrival date.
Transactor_Nametransactor_nametransactor_nameTextThe transactor's name (for individuals) or the name of the company, political committee, organization, or group (for entities).
View_Reportview_reportview_reportTextA link to view a PDF version of the report filed with the Office of the City Clerk.
CorrectioncorrectioncorrectionTextIf the transaction is reported on a Correction Affidavit, the correction flag will contain either NEW, or MODIFY. NEW indicates the transaction is newly reported, MODIFY indicates the transaction is a modification of a previously reported transaction.
Parent_Transactionparent_transactionparent_transactionTextUnique ID based upon the concatenation of the Report_ID and Transaction_ID field - acts as a unique key for each individual transaction
Departure_Datedeparture_datedeparture_dateCalendar dateThe departure date.
Arrival_Cityarrival_cityarrival_cityTextThe name of the arrival/destination city or location.
Travel_Purposetravel_purposetravel_purposeTextA description of the purpose of the travel, including the name of a conference, seminar, or other event.
Departure_Citydeparture_citydeparture_cityTextThe name of the departure city or location.
Transport_Typetransport_typetransport_typeTextThe method of travel.
Travel_IDtravel_idtravel_idTextUnique ID based upon the concatenation of the Report_ID, Transaction_ID and Travel fields - acts as a unique key for each individual transaction
Filer_Namefiler_namefiler_nameTextName of individual or political committee filing the report. This name is a standardized format used by the Office of the City Clerk to ensure all of a filer's reports are accessible under a single name.
TravelertravelertravelerTextThe name of the individual traveler.
Transaction_Typetransaction_typetransaction_typeTextIdentifies the type of transaction reported: Expenditure or Contribution.

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