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City Cultural Centers Audit Community Survey - Open Response Data

This table contains data from the community survey conducted as part of an Audit of the City's Cultural Centers. We surveyed members of the Austin community using a survey developed by the audit team. Survey questions generally asked respondents' opinions on cultural center programs, staff, fees, and facilities. The survey opened January 3 and closed January 27, 2020. Austin community members were invited to take the survey through social media outreach and direct email invitations. The survey and outreach materials were written in English and translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, and Simplified Chinese. A total of 1,330 community members responded to the survey. Respondents were asked only to respond for centers they had visited in the last two years and could respond for more than one center. The comments detailed in this table were in response to open-ended survey items that allowed respondents to give opinions or suggestions about each center's programming, fees, staff, and facilities. Any open-ended responses answered in Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese were translated prior to analysis. To gauge the general sentiment of the responses, each was categorized as "Positive," "Negative," "Suggestion," or "N/A." During analysis, some comments were deemed more relevant to other open-ended survey items than the items for which they were originally written. These responses were re-assigned to the survey items that more closely aligned with their subject.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Original Languageoriginal_languageoriginal_languageTextIndicates the language in which the response was originally written: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese.
ResponseresponseresponseTextA individual's written comments given in response to the survey item.
Translated?translatedtranslatedCheckboxIndicates whether the original comments were translated to English from Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese.
FacilityfacilityfacilityTextThe facility that the individual is answering a question about
Re-assigned response?re_assigned_responsere_assigned_responseCheckboxIndicates whether a comment was re-assigned during analysis in order to more accurately reflect the community's sentiments about center programming, fees, staff, and facilities.
Survey Itemsurvey_itemsurvey_itemTextThe statement for which individuals were invited to provide a written response.
Auditor-assigned Categoryauditor_assigned_categoryauditor_assigned_categoryTextComments were categorized by the following types: Positive, Negative, Suggestion, N/A.
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