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CLL.A.6_PARDFacilityRentals_MCP_site breakdown

The total percentage of available facility reservations at parks and recreation museum and cultural programs segmented by site breakdown.

Data Source: RecTrac, a Recreation Systems Management Software that captures all transactions for all programs, events and facility rentals.

This metric tracks the number of facility rentals offered by the Parks and Recreation Department. The Department offers two types of facility rentals, one with a fee for individual/private use, and the second type of facility rental is an approved use of the space at no charge or a waived fee for a community organization or non-profit that offers cultural, history and arts programming.

The data used for this outcome excludes the free programs offered by the department because free programs are either co-sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Department or are approved by council and logged as fee waivers, meaning that the fee is waived in order to support a community initiative or City of Austin priority.

Updated October 2020


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumber
Date Publisheddate_publisheddate_publishedCalendar date
Total Avail Reservationstotal_avail_reservationstotal_avail_reservationsNumber
Total Paidtotal_paidtotal_paidNumber
Total Freetotal_freetotal_freeNumber
Total Percentage of Rentalstotal_percentage_of_rentalstotal_percentage_of_rentalsText
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