Commercial Buildings Requiring Benchmarking for FY 2016

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Commercial Buildings Requiring Benchmarking for FY 2016

Commercial building owners participated in a phased-in reporting since 2012, for buildings 75,000 square feet and larger. Find more information at and


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Buildings or Campuses between 30K and 75K sq. ft.buildings_or_campuses_between_30k_and_75k_sq_ftbuildings_or_campuses_between_30k_and_75k_sq_ftText
Buildings or Campuses between 10K and 30K sq. ft.buildings_or_campuses_between_10k_and_30k_sq_ftbuildings_or_campuses_between_10k_and_30k_sq_ftText
Buildings or Campuses over 75K sq. ft.buildings_or_campuses_over_75k_sq_ftbuildings_or_campuses_over_75k_sq_ftText

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