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The City of Austin’s Community Tree Priority Map (formerly Planting Prioritization) serves as a decision support tool to determine where to focus forestry activities in Austin, Texas. This map shows U.S. Census tracts (2010) containing tabular data related to community forestry priorities determined by the Community Tree Preservation Division’s Urban Forest Program. Prioritization is determined through the priority score. This score combines nine measures normalized and summarized into four broad categories. The score is aggregated at the neighborhood (U.S. Census tract) level. Scores can range from 0 to 100 with higher scores meaning a higher need for community forestry activities to achieve more equitable canopy distribution. Finally, the priority level provides a categorical representation of the data for a simplified view.

Priority Score = ( Σ Natural Environment + Σ Social Vulnerability + Σ Community Investment + Σ Health & Well-Being ) / 4

This map was updated in 2020. Minor updates are made as-needed with a review and data update scheduled for 2025 (every 5 years).

Ultimately, this map is used to aggregate Urban Forest Grant/Portal projects and tree planting/distribution data to assess program performance.

This dataset is intended to be downloaded as a GIS Shapefile but may also be viewed in Excel. It's also available in ArcGIS Online at


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
TRACT_FULL_NAMEtract_full_nametract_full_nameTextCensus tract full name.
ZIPCODESzipcodeszipcodesTextZip codes covering the priority area (i.e. Census tract).
TRACT_SQMItract_sqmitract_sqmiNumberCensus tract land area in square miles.
PRIORITY_LEVEL_SIMPLEpriority_level_simplepriority_level_simpleTextPriority level determined by the priority score. Simple view provides 2 class breaks for reporting.
ENVIRONMENT_SCOREenvironment_scoreenvironment_scoreNumberCumulative score for the environment category.
PERCENT_CANOPY_2018percent_canopy_2018percent_canopy_2018Number% of land area covered in tree canopy (2018).
PERCENT_CANOPY_2014percent_canopy_2014percent_canopy_2014Number% of land area covered in tree canopy (2014).
AE_SERVICE_AREAae_service_areaae_service_areaTextDetermines if the priority area is in the Austin Energy service area (i.e. NeighborWoods service area).
AUSTIN_CITY_LIMITSaustin_city_limitsaustin_city_limitsTextDetermines if the priority area is in the City of Austin's jurisdiction.
the_geometrythe_geometrythe_geometryMultiPolygonFeature geometry.
GEOID10geoid10geoid10TextCensus tract unique ID.
Shape_Areashape_areashape_areaNumberFeature area.
Shape_Lengthshape_lengthshape_lengthNumberFeature length.
PRIORITY_LEVEL_DETAILEDpriority_level_detailedpriority_level_detailedTextPriority level determined by the priority score. Detailed view provides 5 class breaks.
PRIORITY_SCOREpriority_scorepriority_scoreNumberCumulative score of all 4 categories.
HEALTH_SCOREhealth_scorehealth_scoreNumberCumulative score for the health category.
INVESTMENT_SCOREinvestment_scoreinvestment_scoreNumberCumulative score for the investment category.
SOCIAL_SCOREsocial_scoresocial_scoreNumberCumulative score for the social category.
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