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CY17 AFD Standard Of Coverage By RAP

Standard of Coverage for Calendar Year 2017 (January 2017 - December 2017). AFD's goal is to reach the resident/incident within 8 mins (from phone pickup to first arriving unit), 90% of the time. Info is grouped by Response Area Polygon (RAP) --- this is a geographical boundary which often reflects the area the station/unit would be the first responding unit. This data can be joined to the AFD RAP layer, which is in GIS format.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Percent of Arrivals within 8 Minutespercent_of_arrivals_within_8_minutespercent_of_arrivals_within_8_minutesNumber
Number of Incidents with Valid Datanumber_of_incidents_with_valid_datanumber_of_incidents_with_valid_dataNumber
First-In Unit was an ESDfirst_in_unit_was_an_esdfirst_in_unit_was_an_esdNumber
First-In Unit was AFDfirst_in_unit_was_afdfirst_in_unit_was_afdNumber
Response Arearesponse_arearesponse_areaText
90th Percentile Total Response Time (Call Receipt-to-1st Arrive)_90th_percentile_total_response_time_call_receipt_to_1st_arrive_90th_percentile_total_response_time_call_receipt_to_1st_arriveText
Number of Arrivals within 8 minutesnumber_of_arrivals_within_8_minutesnumber_of_arrivals_within_8_minutesNumber
Upstream Metadata