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Displacement and Gentrification Recommendation Inventory

This dataset contains more detailed information on the recommendations and resolutions identified by the Office of the City Auditor in their special request report on gentrification and displacement.

See report at:

To complete this special request project, we categorized recommendations and resolutions based on the following definitions:

Directly related to displacement or gentrification ("direct"):

Clearly and immediately impacts the population experiencing gentrification and displacement (e.g., creation of affordable housing units).

Indirectly related to displacement or gentrification ("indirectly"):

An initiative designed to support direct efforts (such as monitoring or increasing funding for staffing). Alternatively, an indirect initiative may be one that is designed to affect the broad population (e.g., overall tax decrease), or the language is so vague or broad that the precise intention is unclear.

Actionable recommendations and resolutions ("actionable"):

Recommendations that are specific and implementable as written; recommendations that detail the specific site of an action.

Not actionable recommendations and resolutions ("not actionable"):

Things that do not appear to be legal; recommendations that are not implementable as worded or that would require significant additional clarification/research.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Status of the Recommendation/Resolutionstatus_of_the_recommendation_resolutionstatus_of_the_recommendation_resolutionText
Implementing Departmentimplementing_departmentimplementing_departmentText
Year (CY)year_cyyear_cyText
Action Categoryaction_categoryaction_categoryText
Targeted at Homelessness?targeted_at_homelessnesstargeted_at_homelessnessText
  • displacement_and_gentrification_recommendation
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