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EMS - Annual Report Open Data Table

This table shows ATCEMS fiscal year performance data that supports the ATCEMS annual report.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Twitter Followerstwitter_followerstwitter_followersNumberCount of Twitter followers during the fiscal year.
Fiscal Year IDfy_idfy_idNumberUnique identifier for fiscal year record.
On-Time Fleet Maintenancefleet_maintenancefleet_maintenanceNumberPercentage of vehicles receiving preventive maintenance when scheduled to do so during the fiscal year.
EOC Activation Countemermgmt_eoc_activemermgmt_eoc_activNumberNumber of times ATCEMS personnel participated in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation during the fiscal year.
Special Events Revenuespevents_revenuespevents_revenueNumberTotal revenue received for Special Event coverage during the fiscal year.
System Response Time Complianceops_responsetimecompliance_allops_responsetimecompliance_allNumberOverall percentage of incidents for which ATCEMS met response time goals.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextFiscal year name.
Incident Countops_incidentsops_incidentsNumberCount of incidents to which ATCEMS responded for the fiscal year.
Response Countops_responsesops_responsesNumberCount of responses performed by ATCEMS for the fiscal year.
Car Seats Distributedcr_car_seats_distributedcr_car_seats_distributedNumberCount of car seats distributed by Community Relations personnel during the fiscal year.
CE Contact Hoursce_contact_hrsce_contact_hrsNumberTotal contact hours of continuing education provided by ATCEMS staff during the fiscal year.
911 Call Countcomm_911_callscomm_911_callsNumberCount of 911 calls managed by the Communications Center during the fiscal year.
Academy Cadetsacademy_cadetsacademy_cadetsNumberCount of academy cadets trained during the fiscal year.
Facebook Likesfacebook_likesfacebook_likesNumberCount of Facebook "Likes" received during the fiscal year.
Response Time Compliance Targetresponse_time_compliance_targetresponse_time_compliance_targetNumberPerformance target for response time compliance during the fiscal year.
YouTube Viewsyoutube_viewsyoutube_viewsNumberCount of views of ATCEMS videos posted on YouTube during the fiscal year.
Patient Contact Countops_pt_contactsops_pt_contactsNumberCount of patients contacted by ATCEMS personnel for the fiscal year.
Patient Transport Countops_pt_transportsops_pt_transportsNumberCount of patients transported by ATCEMS units for the fiscal year.
Special Event Unit Hoursspevents_unit_hrsspevents_unit_hrsNumberTotal unit hours dedicated to Special Event coverage during the fiscal year.
Injury Prevention Citizen Contactscr_injury_prevention_citizenscr_injury_prevention_citizensNumberCount of citizens involved in Injury Prevention programs during the fiscal year.
Citizens Trained in CPRcr_cpr_citizens_trainedcr_cpr_citizens_trainedNumberCount of citizens receiving CPR training through Community Relations programs during the fiscal year.
CHP Clientschp_clientschp_clientsNumberCount of clients enrolled in the Community Health Paramedic (CHP) program during the fiscal year.
CHP Contactschp_contactschp_contactsNumberCount of client contacts performed by CHP personnel during the fiscal year.
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