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EMS - Fleet Maintenance

This table contains data on maintenance of the department response fleet – ambulances, command trucks, and utility vehicles. It includes the number of vehicles due for preventative maintenance each month, and the percentage that are serviced. The data is broken out by the three vehicle types in addition to describing overall performance.

When no units are due for service in a month, the "Percent Serviced" column will show a null (blank) value for that month.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Percent Utility Vehicles Servicedpercent_vehicles_complete_utilitypercent_vehicles_complete_utilityNumberPercent of utility vehicles due for service in month that received service by due date.
Count Utility Vehicles Duecount_vehicles_due_utilitycount_vehicles_due_utilityNumberCount of all utility vehicles due for service in month.
Percent Command Vehicles Servicedpercent_vehicles_complete_commandpercent_vehicles_complete_commandNumberPercent of command vehicles due for service in month that received service by due date.
Count Ambulances Duecount_vehicles_due_ambulancecount_vehicles_due_ambulanceNumberCount of all ambulances due for service for the month.
Percent Ambulances Servicedpercent_vehicles_complete_ambulancepercent_vehicles_complete_ambulanceNumberPercent of ambulances due for service in the month that received service by the due date.
Percent of Vehicles Servicedpercent_vehicles_complete_allpercent_vehicles_complete_allNumberPercentage of vehicles that received service by due date for the month.
Total Vehicles Duecount_vehicles_due_allcount_vehicles_due_allNumberCount of all response vehicles due for service.
Month-Yearmonth_start_datemonth_start_dateCalendar dateMonth and year for report.
Scheduled Maintenance Targetpercent_vehicles_complete_targetpercent_vehicles_complete_targetNumber
Month Keymonth_keymonth_keyNumberUnique ID for record. Year and month in <yyyymm> format.
Count Command Vehicles Duecount_vehicles_due_commandcount_vehicles_due_commandNumberCount of command vehicles due for service in month.
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