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EOA.B.5 - Number of jobs provided by City of Austin (regular, contract, and temporary employees) that do not pay a living wage

This dataset reveals the employees of the City of Austin that are currently paid under the $15 per hour living wage.

This dataset supports measure(s) EOA.B.5 of SD23


Data Source: Banner

This is a data report that did not require a calculation.

Measure Time Period: Annually (Fiscal Year)

Automated: No

Date of last description update: 10/28/21

More information related to measure can be viewed on its story page :


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
NumbernumbernumberNumberUnique number for individual
Dept Namedept_namedept_nameTextName of Dept. employee resides in
Time Stamptime_stamptime_stampCalendar dateDate report was published
  • eoab5_number_of_jobs_provided_by_city_of_austin
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