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Innovation Office FY2017 Feedback Survey Responses

Survey responses with feedback on the Innovation Office's role in projects and events. Includes surveys conducted between October 1, 2016 - August 22, 2017.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Did you come to the innovation office for the presentation?did_you_come_to_the_innovation_office_for_the_presentationdid_you_come_to_the_innovation_office_for_the_presentationTextQuestion asked for subset of projects/events
How likely would you be to recommend working with the Innovation Office to a friend or colleague?how_likely_would_you_be_to_recommend_working_with_the_innovation_office_to_a_friend_or_colleaguehow_likely_would_you_be_to_recommend_working_with_the_innovatioNumberOn a scale from 0 (extremely unlikely) to 10 (extremely likely)
FeedbackfeedbackfeedbackTextFeedback for the Innovation office -- what about the engagement worked well, could have been better. Open text field for any other commentary.
How satisfied are you with the partnership during this project?how_satisfied_are_you_with_the_partnership_during_this_projecthow_satisfied_are_you_with_the_partnership_during_this_projectNumberOn a scale of 0 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied) Question asked for subset of projects/events
How satisfied are you with the final results of this project?how_satisfied_are_you_with_the_final_results_of_this_projecthow_satisfied_are_you_with_the_final_results_of_this_projectNumberOn a scale of 0 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied) Question asked for subset of projects/events
Link to more information about the project or eventlink_to_more_information_about_the_project_or_eventlink_to_more_information_about_the_project_or_eventText
How would you rate the time you spent on this project?how_would_you_rate_the_time_you_spent_on_this_projecthow_would_you_rate_the_time_you_spent_on_this_projectNumberOn a scale of 0 (not at all valuable) to 10 (very valuable) Question asked for subset of projects/events
Description of project or eventdescription_of_project_or_eventdescription_of_project_or_eventText
TimestamptimestamptimestampCalendar dateDate and time the survey response was received
Project or eventengagementengagementTextName of the project, engagement, or event on which participants were asked to provide feedback
Response IDresponse_idresponse_idNumberUnique identifier for each survey response
Respondent's Organization (optional)respondent_s_organization_optionalrespondent_s_organization_optionalText
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