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Power Pole Accidents

Power Pole Accidents

Each year, streetlights and power poles in the Austin Energy service territory are hit by drivers and require repair. There is considerable variability in the cost of repairing each pole, as the amount of damage varies per incident. This is the reason the costs for repairs can vary significantly from year to year.

Austin Energy bears the costs until they are offset by the amounts collected from the drivers and their insurance companies. In cases where a responsible party cannot be identified (leaving the scene of the incident), or in cases where it cannot be verified that they are at fault, Austin Energy must pay for the repairs. Austin Energy works with the Austin Police Department to identify drivers who have fled the scene of an accident.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Streetlight poles cost of repair or replacementstreetlight_poles_cost_of_repair_or_replacementstreetlight_poles_cost_of_repair_or_replacementNumber
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumber
Power poles hitpower_poles_hitpower_poles_hitNumber
Power poles cost of repair or Replacementpower_poles_cost_of_repair_or_replacementpower_poles_cost_of_repair_or_replacementNumber
Streetlight poles hitstreetlight_poles_hitstreetlight_poles_hitNumber

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