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Roadway Markings Work Orders

This dataset contains records of in-progress and work completed from June 2018 to present for the purpose of tracking the installation and maintenance of roadway markings in the City of Austin full purpose jurisdiction. This work is managed by the Signs & Markings Division of the City of Austin Transportation Department.

The records are managed in a work management system tracker and the dataset is automatically updated twice per day.

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Division website:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Street & Bridge Completed Datesbo_completed_datesbo_completed_dateCalendar dateThe datetime Street and Bridge (SBO) from Austin Public Works department completed work.
Service Request Numbersr_numbersr_numberTextThe 311 service request number related to this work order.
Work Subtypework_sub_typework_sub_typeTextAdditional detail about the type of work completed.
RequesterrequesterrequesterTextThe type of requester who submitted the work order.
Funding Numberfunding_numberfunding_numberTextThe funding number.
Completed Datecompleted_datecompleted_dateCalendar dateThe date the work was completed
Work Order IDatd_work_order_idatd_work_order_idTextThe work order ID
Work Groups Requiredwork_groups_requiredwork_groups_requiredTextThe list of workgroups who did work at this work order.
Remove Hold Dateremove_hold_dateremove_hold_dateCalendar dateThe datetime the work order had the hold removed.
Created Datecreated_datecreated_dateCalendar dateThe datetime the work order record was created.
Modified Datemodified_datemodified_dateCalendar dateThe datetime the work order record was last modified.
Work Order Statuswork_order_statuswork_order_statusTextThe status of the work order.
Requester Work Order IDrequester_work_order_idrequester_work_order_idTextThe requesters work order ID.
PriorityprioritypriorityTextThe priority of work order. This is set by requesters.
Work Typework_typework_typeTextThe type of work. Default is Markings.
IDididTextThe unique record ID in the source database (Knack).
Task Order Numbertask_order_numbertask_order_numberTextThe task order number
Road Classroad_classroad_classTextThe list of road class codes
Street Segment IDssegment_idsegment_idTextThe list of street segments associated with this work order
Total Segment Milessum_segment_milessum_segment_milesNumberThe total length in miles of all street segment associated with this work order
Location Namelocation_namelocation_nameTextThe location of the work order.
On Hold Dateon_hold_dateon_hold_dateCalendar dateThe datetime the work order was on-hold.
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