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Ryan White Service Category Allocations

The Service Category Allocations Report is an annual report for the Austin HIV Planning Council to assist in making allocation decisions for the Ryan White Part A/ MAI Grant funds. The allocation process is a legislative requirement of Ryan White HIV Part A/MAI Program. Client, units of service, allocations, and expenditures are reported for the most recent five grant years. Data is exported out of the AIDS Regional Information and Evaluation System (ARIES) software. Reporting years are 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. For more information on the Ryan White Grants:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
UnitsunitsunitsNumberTotal Service Units expended for Part A or MAI , ARIES
Cost per Clientcost_per_clientcost_per_clientNumberPercent Calculation where Expenditure is divided by the unduplicated client count.
Number of Testsnumber_of_testsnumber_of_testsNumberNumber of tests for Outpatient Ambulatory Health Service. Tests are only for this service category.
Unit Valueunit_valueunit_valueTextEach 1 unit of measurement regardless of cost
Percent Expendedpercent_expendedpercent_expendedNumberAllocations (90 days post award) divided by Expenditures
ExpenditureexpenditureexpenditureNumberGrant Year Part A /MAI Final Expenditures Report - report submitted at the end of the grant year. Includes reallocations and expenditure throughout the year. HRSA required report.
Number of Visitsnumber_of_visitsnumber_of_visitsNumberNumber of visits for the service category. Number is calculated for Out Patient Hospital Service(OAHS), Case Management, medical and non medical, and Oral Health.
Cost per Unitcost_per_unitcost_per_unitNumberPercent Calculation where Expenditure is divided by the total service units expended.
AllocationallocationallocationNumberGrant Year Part A /MAI Allocations Table- report submitted 90 days post grant award. Allocations are reported to HRSA .
ClientsclientsclientsNumberUnduplicated client count , ARIES , HRAU Unit
Service Categoryservice_categoryservice_categoryTextPrimary Services funded by the The Health Resources and Services Administration, HIV AIDS Bureau Service Category
Grant Start Dategrant_start_dategrant_start_dateCalendar dateThe date the service category started for the Ryan White Grant Part A and MAI. Date always start on March 1.
Ryan White Fundryan_white_fundryan_white_fundTextType of Grant
Grant End Dategrant_end_dategrant_end_dateCalendar dateThe last day of the grant for the grant period for the Ryan White Part A and MAI grant. The last day is usually February 28.
Grant Yeargrant_yeargrant_yearTextThe grant year for Ryan White Part A and MAI starts on 3/1/20XX and ends 2/28/20XX
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