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Special Population use of Service Category

This data set contains EIIHA populations who received services funded by Ryan White Part A Grant. EIIHA is Early Identification of Individuals with HIV/AIDS (EIIHA) The special populations (EIIHA) with HIV are: Black MSM = Black men and Black transgender women who have sex with men. Latinx MSM = Latinx men and Latinx Transgender women who have sex with men. Black Women - Black women Transgender - Transgender men and women. These populations have the biggest disparities of people living with HIV.

Other data is the number of clients and units used in each service category in the Ryan White Part A, a grant that provides services for those with HIV.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Unduplicated Clients who used Service Categoryunduplicated_clients_whounduplicated_clients_whoNumberThe number of unduplicated clients who received service
Grant End Dategrant_end_dategrant_end_dateCalendar dateThe last day of the grant period 2/28/20XX
Grant Typegrant_typegrant_typeTextType of Ryan White grant
% of Clients who used Service Categoryof_clients_who_used_serviceof_clients_who_used_serviceNumberThe percentage of clients who received service
Units of Serviceunits_of_serviceunits_of_serviceNumberUnits of Service
Primary Service Categoryprimary_service_categoryprimary_service_categoryTextThe service categories offered to people eligible for the Ryan White grant
Grant Yeargrant_yeargrant_yearTextThe year of grant
% of Service Unitsof_service_unitsof_service_unitsNumberPercentage of the service units
Grant Location Areagrant_location_areagrant_location_areaTextThe area or location the grant serves people
Special Populationspecial_populationspecial_populationTextSpecial Population. See data description for special population definitions.
Grant Start Dategrant_start_dategrant_start_dateCalendar dateThe first day of the grant period 3/1/20XX
  • special_population_use_of_service_category
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