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Strategic Direction 2023 Metric EOA.D2: Austin Housing Vacancy

​This metric measures the number of vacant or uninhabited housing units divided by the total number of units.

Vacancy status can be used as a basic indicator of the housing market and provides information on the stability and quality of housing for certain areas. The data are used to assess the demand for housing and to identify housing turnover within areas.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Occupancy Rateoccupancy_rateoccupancy_rateNumberpercentage of all housing units that are occupied
Annual % Change in Housing Unitsannual_change_in_housingannual_change_in_housingNumberpercent change in total housing units each year
Occupied Unitsoccupied_unitsoccupied_unitsNumbertotal occupied housing units
Vacant Unitsvacant_unitsvacant_unitsNumbertotal vacant housing units
Vacancy Ratevacancy_ratevacancy_rateNumberpercentage of all housing units that are vacant
Total Housing Unitstotal_housing_unitstotal_housing_unitsNumberan estimate of the total housing units in austin
Annual % Change in Vacant Unitsannual_change_in_vacant_unitsannual_change_in_vacant_unitsNumberpercent change in vacant housing units each year
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