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Strategic Measure_ Number of households benefiting from Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

Strategic Measure_ Number of households benefiting from Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

This data set displays the number of households benefiting from Customer Assistance Program (CAP) for each fiscal year.

The City of Austin has one of the most generous Customer Assistance Programs in the nation. Utility bill discounts are a key component of the program. Discounts are provided to customers who are already receiving benefits through a variety of federal, state, county, or city assistance programs.

Under the program, qualifying Austin Energy customers receive a waiver of the $10 monthly electric customer charge; are exempt from paying the portion of the community benefit charge that supports the Utility Bill Discount Program; and receive a 10% discount on their kWh usage charge.

Austin Water customers also receive a discount on the water/wastewater customer charge as well as a volumetric discount on a customer’s water usage. Watershed Protection provides a 50% discount on the drainage fee. Public Works under a separate qualification waives the transportation user fee.

This dataset supports measure EOA.G.4 of SD23

Data Source: Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CCB) System

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Month Totalmonth_totalmonth_totalNumber
Waste Water Customer Charge Discountwaste_water_customer_chargewaste_water_customer_chargeNumber
Water Community Benefit Charge (CAP)water_community_benefit_chargewater_community_benefit_chargeNumber
Water Volumetric Discountwater_volumetric_discountwater_volumetric_discountNumber
Water Customer Charge Discountwater_customer_charge_discountwater_customer_charge_discountNumber
Electric Bill Discount (10%)electric_bill_discount_10electric_bill_discount_10Number
Electric Portionelectric_portionelectric_portionNumber
Waste Water Volumetric Discountwaste_water_volumetricwaste_water_volumetricNumber
Community Benefit Charge (CAP)community_benefit_chargecommunity_benefit_chargeNumber
Watershed Protection Portionwatershed_protection_portionwatershed_protection_portionNumber
Water Portionwater_portionwater_portionNumber
Waster WaterCommunity Benefit Charge (CAP)waster_watercommunity_benefitwaster_watercommunity_benefitNumber
Electric Customer Charge Discountelectric_customer_chargeelectric_customer_chargeNumber
Drainage Feedrainage_feedrainage_feeNumber
Fiscal MonthmonthmonthCalendar date
Total Unique Participantstotal_unique_participantstotal_unique_participantsNumber

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