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Strategic Measure_Aggregated Sidewalk Construction Data

This dataset shows new sidewalk added to the City of Austin's network by calendar year. Data in this table is limited to the full purpose jurisdiction of the City of Austin as of publication date. Sidewalk construction comes from many sources, including but not limited to the City of Austin, counties, state agencies, and private developers. Existing data does not support separating out city and non-city construction.

This dataset supports the SD23 performance measure M.C.6a: Percent of missing sidewalks completed. Detailed sidewalk segment data is available in the dataset Strategic Measure_Sidewalk Segment Data.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Calendar YearyearyearTextCalendar year for row
Absent Sidewalkabsent_sidewalkabsent_sidewalkNumberLinear feet of sidewalk missing from network at start of calendar year
Year Beginsyear_beginsyear_beginsCalendar dateFirst day of calendar year
Percent of Missing Networkpct_missing_networkpct_missing_networkNumberPercent of missing sidewalk network added to existing sidewalk during calendar year
New Sidewalkcy_new_sidewalkcy_new_sidewalkNumberLinear feet of new sidewalk added to existing sidewalk during calendar year. This column includes sidewalks built by PWD and by other entities (TxDOT, etc.).
Existing Sidewalkexisting_sidewalkexisting_sidewalkNumberLinear feet of sidewalk existing in network at start of calendar year
PWD Sidewalk Constructionpwd_sidewalk_constructionpwd_sidewalk_constructionNumberLinear feet of new sidewalk constructed by PWD during calendar year. PWD construction is a subset of all new sidewalk construction.
  • strategic_measureaggregated_sidewalk_construction
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