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Strategic Measure_Austin Energy average annual system rate

Strategic Measure_Austin Energy average annual system rate

This data set shows Austin Energy's current system rate, and the 2% affordability limit set by the Austin City Council. The difference between the current system rate and the 2% affordability limit is shown as both a dollar figure and a percentage. Note- the current system rate is based on budgeted system rates and is effective at the beginning of each fiscal year.

This dataset supports measure EOA.C.5.a of SD23

Data Source: Austin Energy


Dollar Amount- The 2% Affordability Limit is subtracted from the Current System Rate.

Percentage- The Current System Rate is divided by the 2% Affordability Limit, subtracted from 1, and then multiplied by 100.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
$ Distance from Affordability Limit (cents/kWh)amount_over_affordabilityamount_over_affordabilityNumber
Affordability Limitsystem_rate_with_councilsystem_rate_with_councilNumber
% Distance from Affordability Limitamountbelow_2_affordability_line_percentageamountbelow_2_affordability_line_percentageNumber
Current System Ratecurrent_system_ratecurrent_system_rateNumber
Fiscal YearyearyearCalendar date

Upstream Metadata