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Strategic Measure_High Frequency Transit Route Street Conditions

This table contains data that describes the condition of streets maintained by the City of Austin Public Works Department that host Cap Metro high frequency transit routes as of FY2019. The data in this dataset is a subset of the larger street conditions dataset also posted in the open data portal

Condition data is gathered by a contacted vendor, who drives the streets using a specially equipped vehicle that records the data used to determine street condition. The vendor drives every lane of every street in the city, covering one-third to one-half of the city every year. Street condition is then classified as excellent, good, fair, poor, or failed based on national street engineering standards.

This table contains data for the most recent set of assessment data. Year-to-year performance is reported using another table that contains aggregated values calculated using the method described above. Private streets and streets maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation are excluded from reporting and this data set, since maintenance of those roadways is the responsibility of those parties.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Lane Milessegment_lane_milessegment_lane_milesNumberTotal lane miles of segment
Minimum Address in Rangemin_address_in_rangemin_address_in_rangeNumberLowest address on segment
To Limit Streetto_limit_streetto_limit_streetTextEnding cross street for segment
Maximum Address in Rangemax_address_in_rangemax_address_in_rangeNumberHighest address on segment
Segment Widthsegment_width_feetsegment_width_feetNumberWidth of segment in feet
Inspection IDinspection_idinspection_idTextMost recent inspection of segment, based on calendar year
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextStreet name for segment
Functional Classfunctional_classfunctional_classTextType of use for segment
Segment Lengthsegment_length_feetsegment_length_feetNumberLength of segment in feet
Gradesegment_gradesegment_gradeTextStreet condition grade. "A" = Excellent; "B" = Good; "C" = Fair; "D" = Poor; and "F" = Failed.
From Limit Streetfrom_limit_streetfrom_limit_streetTextStarting cross street for segment
Segment IDsegment_idsegment_idNumberUnique identifier for street segment
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