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Strategic Measure_Infrastructure Condition_Network

This dataset describes infrastructure conditions at the network level for assets included in the 2020 Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment (CIA). Conditions presented in this dataset are not weighted by Current Replacement Value. Data for the CIA is collected every two years.

Data comes from the survey of participating departments conducted every two years during the compilation of the CIA. Each row of the table shows the distribution of asset conditions for an infrastructure network for the year listed.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
DepartmentdepartmentdepartmentTextDepartment that owns and maintains infrastructure network
CategorycategorycategoryTextHighest level of infrastructure hierarchy: assets that support a particular public function.
NetworknetworknetworkTextThird level of infrastructure hierarchy: a uniform type of infrastructure assets.
Unknown Reportingreport_unknownreport_unknownNumberPercent of network in unknown condition
Unsatisfactory Reportingreport_unsatisfactoryreport_unsatisfactoryNumberPercent of network in poor or failed condition
Satisfactory Reportingreport_satisfactoryreport_satisfactoryNumberPercent of network in excellent, good, or fair condition
Unknown Conditioncondition_unknowncondition_unknownNumberPercent of network for which condition is unknown
Failed Conditioncondition_failedcondition_failedNumberPercent of network in failed condition
Poor Conditioncondition_poorcondition_poorNumberPercent of network in poor condition
Fair Conditioncondition_faircondition_fairNumberPercent of network in fair condition
Good Conditioncondition_goodcondition_goodNumberPercent of network in good condition
Execellent Conditioncondition_excellentcondition_excellentNumberPercent of network in excellent condition
SystemsystemsystemTextSecond level of infrastructure hierarchy: group of infrastructure assets that serves a particular need.
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