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Strategic Measure_Number and percentage of clients served through City’s health equity contracts who achieve intended healthy outcomes (e.g. healthy infant birth weight)

Data set of Health Equity Social Service Contracts and clients who have a better health outcome. Data set displays rate, percentage and number. Data is from the PartnerGrants software used for Social Service Contracts. This data contains quarterly level data of clients served.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Jan-Mar Numeratorjan_mar_numeratorjan_mar_numeratorNumberQuarter 2 Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
Jul-Sep Numeratorjul_sep_numeratorjul_sep_numeratorNumberQuarter 4 Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
Oct-Dec Numeratoroct_dec_numeratoroct_dec_numeratorNumberQuarter 1 Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
Oct-Dec Denominatoroct_dec_denominatoroct_dec_denominatorNumberQuarter 1 Clients Served
Jan-Mar Denominatorjan_mar_denominatorjan_mar_denominatorNumberQuarter 2 Clients Served
Fiscal Year Endfiscal_year_endfiscal_year_endCalendar dateFiscal Year End Date
Jul-Sep Denominatorjul_sep_denominatorjul_sep_denominatorNumberQuarter 4 Clients Served
Total Ratetotal_ratetotal_rateNumberPercent of Fiscal Year Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
OrganizationorganizationorganizationTextName of Contracted Organization
Fiscal Year Startfiscal_year_startfiscal_year_startCalendar dateFiscal Year Start Date
Apr-Jun Denominatorapr_jun_denominatorapr_jun_denominatorNumberQuarter 3 Clients Served
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearTextFiscal Year
Total Denominatortotal_denominatortotal_denominatorNumberFiscal Year Clients Served
TitletitletitleTextName of Contracted Program
Apr-Jun Numeratorapr_jun_numeratorapr_jun_numeratorNumberQuarter 3 Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
Total Numeratortotal_numeratortotal_numeratorNumberFiscal Year Clients Who Achieved Healthy Outcomes
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