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Strategic Measure_Number and percentage of students attending schools rated as "F” by the Texas Education Agency

Austin Public Health, using Texas Education Agency data, is measuring the percentage of students attending schools with an "F" rating. The ratings are determined by the Texas Education Agency. The city uses this information for individual school performance measurement. This data set is intended to power visualizations for related measures in the strategic plan.

One strategic measure is reported using this data set.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Region Nameregion_nameregion_nameTextRegion name

|Total Number of Students at School|total_number_of_students_1|total_number_of_students_1|Number|Number of students in a specific school| |Alt Ed|alt_ed|alt_ed|Checkbox|indicates school is alternative education| |Grades Served|grades_served|grades_served|Text|Specifies what grade level the school serves| |County Name|county_name|county_name|Text|County name| |Overall Score|overall_score|overall_score|Number|Overall score given to school| |Charter School|charter_school|charter_school|Checkbox|Charter school yes or no| |Accountability System Conversion|accountability_system|accountability_system|Text|A-F accountability was applied to OverallGrade/Rating. "F" now represents "Needs Improvement".| |% Eco Dis|eco_dis|eco_dis|Number|Percent of Economically Disadvantaged Students| |2 Digit ESC Region|_2_digit_esc_region|_2_digit_esc_region|Text|Region Number| |Overall Grade/Rating|overall_grade_rating|overall_grade_rating|Text|Accountability Rating for year by Texas Education Association| |Total Number of Students in County|total_number_of_students|total_number_of_students|Number|Number of overal students in county| |School Type|school_type|school_type|Text|Specifies if school serves high, middle, or elementary school| |Start Date|start_date|start_date|Calendar date|Date data began being tracked| |End Date|end_date|end_date|Calendar date|Date data tracking ended | |Data Year|data_year|data_year|Text|Year the data being tracked fell under| |District Name|district_name|district_name|Text|Name of school district the school falls under| |Campus Number|campus_number|campus_number|Text|Campus number of particular school| |Campus Name|campus_name|campus_name|Text|Name of school|

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