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Strategic Measure_Number of fatalities and serious injuries on the High-Injury Network

This dataset supports measure M.D.3 of SD 2023. The original source of the data is the Texas Department of Transportation supplemented by analysis from the Austin Transportation Department. Each row represents the number of fatalities or injuries on the High Injury Network for a year. This dataset can be used to see how many fatalities and serious injuries have occurred on the High Injury Network.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Count of Persons Killedcount_of_persons_killedcount_of_persons_killedNumber
Count of Persons Suspected Serious Injury Crashcount_of_persons_suspectedcount_of_persons_suspectedNumber
Date Updateddate_updateddate_updatedCalendar date
Percent Crash Differencepercent_crash_differencepercent_crash_differenceNumber
Percent Persons Suspected Serious Injury Differencepercent_persons_suspectedpercent_persons_suspectedNumber
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idNumber
Crash Countcrash_countcrash_countNumber
Crash Year Datecrash_year_datecrash_year_dateCalendar dateDate for the purpose of developing Measure Card
Count of Persons Killed or Suspected Serious Injurycount_of_persons_killed_orcount_of_persons_killed_orNumber
Percent Persons Killed Differencepercent_persons_killedpercent_persons_killedNumber
Upstream Metadata