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Strategic Measure_Percent of protected bikeways swept annually

Purpose: This data exists in order to establish a percentage of cycles swept annually of protected bikeways in relation to the department goal. Source: Completed Protected Bike Lane reports are received from ATD. ARR then tracks internally the number of sweeping cycles completed. Contains: The number of street sweeping cycles completed each fiscal year, where one "cycle" represents one full sweep of all protected bike lanes. Includes information on the cycles swept target, and the percent of the target cycles completed. Usage: This measure is used to determine the number of cycles swept in relation to the number of cycles swept goal that is established annually. By tracking this data, Austin Resource Recovery can meet community mobility needs and promote public safety. View more details and insights related to this data set on the story page:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearNumberFiscal year associated with this row of data.
Number of Cycles Sweptcycles_sweptcycles_sweptNumberStreets are swept in periodic street sweeping cycles, for example, twice per year would = 2.
NotesnotesnotesTextNotes on this fiscal year's data, if applicable.
Percentage of Cycles Sweptpercentage_of_cycles_sweptpercentage_of_cycles_sweptNumberNumber of cycles swept, divided by cycles swept target.
Cycles Swept Targetcycles_swept_targetcycles_swept_targetNumberThe goal number of street sweeping cycles completed for the fiscal year.
Fiscal Year Start Datefiscal_year_start_datefiscal_year_start_dateCalendar dateThe start date of the fiscal year, required for Socrata calculations and visualizations. It is October 1 of the year in the Fiscal Year column, for example, 2017's fiscal year start date was October 1, 2016.
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