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Strategic Measure_Preventive Maintenance

This measure tracks the percentage of lane miles managed by the City of Austin that had preventive maintenance completed. Preventive maintenance of existing pavements extends the life of the surfaces and reduces the amount of capital investment required on City streets each year. Asphalt overlaying, thin surface treatments, and crack sealing existing surfaces are the primary components of what constitutes the City's Preventive Maintenance program.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Council District Size (Total Lane Miles)councildistrict_size_total_lane_milescouncildistrict_size_total_lane_milesTextTotal lane miles per individual council district
Treatment Categorytreatment_categorytreatment_categoryTextPreventive Maintenance Treatment Category
PROJECT_IDproject_idproject_idNumberUnique Project ID
Segment Widthsegment_widthsegment_widthNumberWidth of street segment
Completion Datecompletion_datecompletion_dateCalendar dateDate preventive maintenance was completed
Lane Mileslane_mileslane_milesNumberNumber of lane miles of street segment
Segment Lengthsegment_lengthsegment_lengthNumberLength of street segment
To Limit Streetto_limit_streetto_limit_streetTextEnd of street segment
Street Namestreet_namestreet_nameTextName of the street
Segment IDsegment_idsegment_idNumberUnique Segment ID
From Limit Streetfrom_limit_streetfrom_limit_streetTextBeginning of street segment
Council Districtcouncil_districtcouncil_districtTextCouncil District Number
  • strategic_measurepreventive_maintenance
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