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Strategic Measures_Commute to work by City of Austin employees

This dataset supports measure M.A.3 of SD 2023. The source of the data is the Listening to the Workforce Survey, an annual survey conducted by the City of Austin of it's employees. Each row represents the overall average mode split among City of Austin employees based on the responses to the survey. This dataset can be used to understand the trend in predicted and actual average travel time. View more details and insights related to this measure on the story page :


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date_Uploadeddate_updateddate_updatedCalendar dateDate the dataset was uploaded
Commute Typecommute_typecommute_typeTextType of commute based on commute mode adopted
Commute Modecommute_modecommute_modeTextCommute mode adopted
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idNumberUnique ID for each record
Year Dateyear_dateyear_dateCalendar dateField created to facilitate the creation of the measure card, based on the Year field
Percent of City of Austin Employeespercent_of_city_of_austinpercent_of_city_of_austinNumberPercent of City of Austin employees who have adopted this commute mode
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