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Strategic Measure_Sidewalk Condition Data

This dataset contains data about the conditions of sidewalks maintained by the City of Austin Public Works Department. It does not include sidewalks maintained by private parties or other government entities.

This network currently contains about 2700 miles of sidewalks, of which 616 miles have been assessed. Condition assessment is a manual process, requiring people to walk the sidewalks, measure their conditions, and record observations and measurements in a cloud database that is tied to a map of the sidewalks. This dataset describes conditions as of the FY2019 assessment, which includes all high priority and very high priority sidewalks as described in the City of Austin Sidewalk Master Plan adopted in June 2016. Lower priority sidewalks are present in the dataset, but without an assessment of their condition. Assessment of the remaining part of the network should be completed by the conclusion of FY2021.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Functional Conditionfunctional_conditionfunctional_conditionTextSidewalk segment condition. Segments labelled as "Pending Assessment" are not included in system condition calculations.
Sidewalk IDsidewalks_idsidewalks_idNumberUnique identifier for sidewalk segment
Street Namefull_street_namefull_street_nameTextStreet name where sidewalk segment located
Pedestrian Facility Typepedestrian_facility_typepedestrian_facility_typeTextType of sidewalk feature
Segment Lengthshape_lenshape_lenNumberSegment length in feet
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