Strategic Measures_Percent split of modes based on commute to work

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Strategic Measures_Percent split of modes based on commute to work

This dataset supports measure M.A.1 of SD 2023. The source of the data is the American Community Survey. Each row is the five year estimate for Means of Transportation to Work for Austin. This dataset can be used to gain insight into the estimated mode split for the commute to work in Austin.

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NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Worked at Home MoEworked_at_home_moeworked_at_home_moeNumberWorked at home margin of error
Car Van Truck MoEcar_van_truck_moecar_van_truck_moeNumberCar van truck margin of error
Date Uploadeddate_createddate_createdCalendar date
DatedatedateCalendar dateDate used to create the measure card
Worked at Home Estimateworked_at_home_total_eatimateworked_at_home_total_eatimateNumberWorked at home estimate
Other Means Estimateother_means_total_estimateother_means_total_estimateNumberOther means estimate
Public Transportation Excluding Taxicab Total MoEpublic_transportation_1public_transportation_1NumberPublic transportation excluding taxicab margin of error
Walked MoEwalked_total_moewalked_total_moeNumberWalked margin of error
Walked Estimatewalked_total_estimatewalked_total_estimateNumberWalked estimate
Motorcycle Estimatemotorcycle_total_estimatemotorcycle_total_estimateNumberMotorcycle estimate
Taxicab MoEtaxicab_total_moetaxicab_total_moeNumberTaxicab margin of error
Total Margin of Errortotal_moetotal_moeNumberTotal Margin of Error
Total Estimatetotal_estimatetotal_estimateNumberTotal estimate
Geographic Area Namegeographic_area_namegeographic_area_nameText
ACS_Yearacs_yearacs_yearTextAmerican Community Survey 5-Year Estimate Year
Car Van Truck Carpooled MoEcar_van_truck_carpooled_moecar_van_truck_carpooled_moeNumberCar van truck carpooled margin of error
Car Van Truck Drove Alone Estimatecar_van_truck_drove_alonecar_van_truck_drove_aloneNumbercar van truck drove alone estimate
Bicycle Estimatebicycle_total_estimatebicycle_total_estimateNumberBicycle estimate
Bicycle_Total_MoEbicycle_total_moebicycle_total_moeNumberBicycle margin of error
Other Means MoEother_means_moeother_means_moeNumberOther means margin of error
Motorcycle MoEmotorcycle_total_moemotorcycle_total_moeNumberMotorcycle margin of error
Non SOV commutenon_sov_commutenon_sov_commuteNumberEstimate of non Single Occupancy Vehicle commutes - difference of total estimate and car van truck drove alone estimate
Percent SOV commutepercent_sov_commutepercent_sov_commuteNumberPercent of Single Occupancy Vehicle commutes - ratio of car van truck drove alone estimate to total estimate
Car Van Truck Carpooled Estimatecar_van_truck_carpooledcar_van_truck_carpooledNumberCar van truck carpooled Estimate
Public Transportation Excluding Taxicab Total Estimatepublic_transportationpublic_transportationNumberPublic transportation excluding taxicab estimate
Taxicab Estimatetaxicab_total_estimatetaxicab_total_estimateNumberTaxicab estimate
Car Van Truck Drove Alone MoEcar_van_truck_drove_alone_1car_van_truck_drove_alone_1Numbercar van truck drove alone margin of error
Percent NonSOV commutepercent_nonsov_commutepercent_nonsov_commuteNumberPercent of non Single Occupancy Vehicle commutes - ratio of non SOV commute to total estimate
Car Truck Van Total Estimatecar_truck_van_total_estimatecar_truck_van_total_estimateNumberCar truck can total estimate

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