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Strategic Measures_Transit Travel Time Reliability: Percent change in MetroBus on-time performance by Type

This dataset supports measure M.A.2.a of SD 2023. The source of the data is Capital Metro. Each row displays the statistics related to performance by time.This dataset can be used to know more about on-time performance trends for transit in Austin. View more details and insights related to this measure on the story page :


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearfiscal_yearText
Early TPearly_tpearly_tpNumberA bus departs more than 0 seconds before the scheduled time
Late %latelateNumberPercent Late
Year Dateyear_dateyear_dateCalendar date
Late TPlate_tplate_tpNumberA bus departs more than 360 seconds (or 6 minutes) after the scheduled time
OnTime TPontime_tpontime_tpNumberA bus departs between 0 and 360 seconds (or 6 minutes) of the scheduled time
Total TPtotal_tptotal_tpNumberTotal time points
On Time %ontimeontimeNumberPercent On Time
Early %earlyearlyNumberPercent Early
TypetypetypeTextType of transit
Date Createddate_createddate_createdCalendar date
Upstream Metadata