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Strategic Measure_Vision Zero - Traffic Deaths and Injuries

This dataset supports measure M.D.1 of SD 2023. It includes basic crash information that is primarily derived from TxDOT and supplemented with City staff analysis. This data tracks how our community is doing toward achieving the policy goal of zero traffic-related deaths or serious injuries adopted by City Council. View more details and insights related to this measure on the story page:


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Suspected Serious Injury Countsus_serious_injry_cnt_sumsus_serious_injry_cnt_sumNumberThe count of persons suspected of a serious injury.
Date_Yeardate_yeardate_yearCalendar dateDate field required to facilitate the creation of the Measure Card.
Killed Countdeath_cnt_sumdeath_cnt_sumNumberThe count of persons killed.
Record IDrecord_idrecord_idTextUnique ID for records
Crash Yearcrash_yearcrash_yearTextYear the crash took place
Date Createddate_createddate_createdCalendar dateDate the record was created
KA per 100K (per year)calculationcalculationNumberThe rate of persons killed or seriously injured (per 100,000) by year
Full Purpose Jurisdiction Populationfull_purpose_jurisdictionfull_purpose_jurisdictionNumberPopulation in the full purpose jurisdiction for that year
Upstream Metadata