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Traffic Signal Network Device Status Log

The Austin Transportation Department manages thousands of IP-enabled devices which enable traffic signal operations. Devices include traffic cameras, battery backup systems, signal controllers, and vehicle detectors.

This dataset, updated daily, serves as a log of attempts to communicate with the various various devices on the traffic signals network.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Record IDididTextThe unique ID of this row. Created as a concat of the device ID, the device type, and the epoch timestamp of the record's created date
Device IDdevice_iddevice_idNumberThe unique identifier of this device asset amongst all devices of this type
Status Codestatus_codestatus_codeNumberA numeric code indicating the status of the device. 1 (online), -1 (timeout), -2 (invalid_hostname), -3 (unknown_error)
DelaydelaydelayNumberThe communication response time in milliseconds
TimestamptimestamptimestampCalendar dateThe timestamp (in UTC) of the device's communications status
Location Namelocation_namelocation_nameTextThe location's name
Location IDlocation_idlocation_idTextThe device's location identifier
Device Database IDknack_idknack_idTextThe globally unique ID which uniquely identifies this device asset in the source database
Status Descriptionstatus_descstatus_descTextA description of the comm status
Device Typedevice_typedevice_typeTextThe type of device
Signal IDsignal_idsignal_idNumberThe ID of the traffic signal at which the device is located
Upstream Metadata