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Zoning by Address

Do not use this data to make zoning determinations. This data does not show all zoning regulations for an address, including overlays and situations where an address has more than one zoning. Also, the data may be out of date. Use the interactive mapping application to make zoning determinations, and call 311 if you have questions about zoning. Zoning only applies to addresses within the City of Austin city limits.

This dataset is a list of addresses with their zoning provided to answer questions such as "what property addresses have CS zoning." This data is derived from GIS layer for address and zoning. The place_id field is provided for linking to the addresses GIS layer.

This product is produced by the City of Austin for informational purposes. No warranty is made they City of Austin regarding specific accuracy or completeness.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
BASE_ZONE_CATEGORYbase_zone_categorybase_zone_categoryTextthe description of the base zoning district of the address
OBJECTIDobjectidobjectidNumberGIS id number
PLACE_IDplace_idplace_idNumberUnique identifier of Address Point
PARENT_PLACE_IDparent_place_idparent_place_idNumberUnique identifier of Street Name of Address Point
ZONING_ZTYPEzoning_ztypezoning_ztypeTextThe zoning for the property. In most cases, a property has only one zoning. However, in some cases, properties may have parts that have different zoning. This data only accounts for the zoning that is at the address related to the structure, and not other parts of the property.
BASE_ZONEbase_zonebase_zoneTextthe base zoning district of the property of the address
FULL_STREET_NAMEfull_street_namefull_street_nameTextAddress number and street name of address
SEGMENT_IDsegment_idsegment_idNumberUnique identifier of street segment

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