By Marko Grujić

10 min read

PostgreSQL FDW aggregation pushdown part III: Elasticsearch edition

Feb 14, 2022· By Marko Grujić
We continue our series on aggregation pushdown and turn our attention to our Elasticsearch FDW. Implementation details, performance considerations as well as a few Postgres tidbits are shared.
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Feb 9, 2022 ·By Marko Grujić
9 min read

PostgreSQL FDW aggregation pushdown part II: Snowflake speedup

We demonstrate a concrete application of aggregation pushdown mechanism in the form of our Snowflake FDW. Actual performance benefits are quantified for a selection of real-life examples.
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Feb 4, 2022 ·By Marko Grujić
15 min read

PostgreSQL FDW aggregation pushdown part I: modifying Multicorn

We recently implemented support for aggregation and grouping pushdown in the Multicorn FDW. In this post, we'll demonstrate it on a simple toy example and discuss how PostgreSQL aggregation pushdown works in general.
Dec 20, 2021 ·By Marko Grujić
5 min read

Preview Environments: Spinning up temporary Splitgraph instances from any commit

We talk about how we use GitLab's review apps functionality to preview and test Splitgraph Cloud deployments.