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COB Employee COVID Cases - per dept per day

COB Employee COVID Cases - per dept per day

Reports of City of Bloomington employees with positive COVID-19 viral test results by department since March 28, 2020. The dataset also includes results from the municipal corporations of the Bloomington Housing Authority, Bloomington Transit, and the City of Bloomington Utilities. Note that results listed as "City Hall" include results from multiple departments whose employees work only at City Hall. These include: Community and Family Resources, Controller, Economic and Sustainable Development, Housing and Neighborhood Development, Human Resources, Information and Technology Services, Mayor's Office, Parks administration, and Public Works administration.


NameSocrata field nameColumn name in sgr mountData typeDescription
Date Announceddate_announceddate_announcedCalendar date
Number of Casesnumber_of_casesnumber_of_casesNumber